European Chamber Music Academy (DE/SP)

  • MIRY Concert Hall

Appointment with the future

The way to the top is long and steep for the young chamber music ensembles of the European Chamber Music Academy. The Danish lions of Trio Vitruvi have already won acclaim for their extravagant but honest approach to the piano trio, whilst the Cosmos Quartet combines the refinement of the string quartet repertoire with Spanish temperament. These stars of tomorrow will enthrall you with legendary repertoire by Brahms, Haydn, García-Tomás, Dvořák and more!


Cosmos Quartet (concert 1) 
Raquel García-Tomás – String trio […] così mostraste a lei i vivi ardori miei […] 
Johannes Brahms – String Quartet no. 3 in Bes Major, Op. 67  

  • Vivace 
  • Andante 
  • Agitato (Allegretto non troppo) — Trio — Coda 
  • Poco Allegretto con Variazioni 

Trio Vitruvi (concert 2) 

  • Antonin Dvořák – Piano Trio no. 4 in E minor, Op. 90 ‘Dumky’ 
  • Lento maestoso — Allegro quasi doppio movimento   
  • Poco adagio — Vivace non troppo — Vivace  
  • Andante — Vivace non troppo — Allegretto  
  • Andante moderato — Allegretto scherzando — Quasi tempo di marcia 
  • Allegro – Meno Mosso 
  • Lento maestoso - Vivace 

Cosmos Quartet & Trio Vitruvi (concert 3) 
Cosmos Quartet:
Joseph Haydn – String Quartet no. 6 in Es Major, Op. 64 

  • Allegro  
  • Andante  
  • Minuet. Allegretto - Trio  
  • Finale. Presto  

Raquel García-Tomás – String trio […] così mostraste a lei i vivi ardori miei […] 

Trio Vitruvi:  

Sergei Rachmaninoff – Piano Trio no. 1 in G minor ‘Élégiaque’ 


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