Tango class with the Roffa Tango Trio (free of charge)

  • Sint-Baafsplein

Let’s dance! The excellent tango maestros of the Tangorrion, the school for Argentine Tango, will introduce you to the rhythms and steps of this passionate and energetic dance. The live music of the Roffa Tango Trio rounds out the Argentinian fiesta.

‘Roffa’ is street slang for ‘Rotterdam’, the city where the musicians first met. The group reached a peak at the Cumbre Mundial del Tango in Buenos Aires and now brings the same spectacular display to Ghent. Thinking outside the box and constantly looking for new influences is their motto, and by doing so, they keep the contemporary Tango tradition alive. At OdeGand they will perform, among others, their own arrangements of works by the famous Tango composer Astor Piazzolla.

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