Mohammed Briouel Ensemble

  • St Bavo’s Cathedral

No one travelling to Seville or Córdoba can deny that the fusion of Arabic and Andalucian culture creates in a warm, elegant, monumental mishmash. Just like the majestic Alhambra, there is also an intense cross-pollination between Arabian-Andalucian and Ottoman music. As a grand master of these genres, Mohammed Briouel pays a wonderful tribute to this multicultural coming-together with his group. Don’t hesitate to unleash these atmospheric sounds upon yourself and become immersed in this exceptional couleur locale.

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Roby Lakatos

  • Capitole

Roby Lakatos is a face familiar to the Ghent OdeGand audience. In 2007 he gave an absolutely stellar performance which earned him the deserved nickname ‘King of De Klezmer’. Lakatos, who feels equally at home in the classical, jazz and Hungarian repertoires, is one of the few musicians who transcends the boundaries of his art. He is simultaneously the prince of the violin, a classical virtuoso, a jazz improviser, a composer and arranger, and a survivor of the 19th century. A musical Homo Universalis. Passionate, powerful, elegant, with panache and finesse. This concert promises to be a true spectacle.

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Sete Lágrimas

  • St Peter's Church

The Portuguese Sete Lágrimas was founded in 1999 in Lisbon and takes its name from the title of an innovative collection of dances by the Renaissance composer John Dowland. In all serenity and with an eye for quality, this ensemble brings together musicians from all over the world to set up unique cross-over projects. They link in-depth musicological research to innovative, creative programmes that focus on sounds, instrumentation and memories of Early Music.

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