Honey (sold out)

Abel Selaocoe & Fred Thomas

The South African cellist Abel Selaocoe redefines the possibilities of the cello. His honest sound moves through a colourful abundance of genres and styles, from collaborations with world musicians to beat boxers. Selaocoe combines virtuoso performances with improvisation, vocals and body percussion. In his performances he effortlessly links diverse musical traditions with the aim of bringing classical music closer to a wide audience. It’s no surprise that he was asked to create a whole programme at the BBC Proms in 2021!

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Fahmi Alqhai

Fahmi Alqhai is seen as one of the most talented viola da gamba players. His name is often uttered in the same breath as Jordi Savall. This Sevillian demigod on the bewitching string instrument unleashes his virtuosity on you via works by Antoine Forqueray and Jimi Hendrix, among others. Everything from classical music to music for headbanging!

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Flat Earth Society Orchestra

  • NTGent

With diverse 20th-century jazz traditions as their starting point, the fifteen-strong band Flat Earth Society Orchestra moves between different styles and genres from musical theatre to rock. The written page is only the start, and there’s always room for a contemporary sauce of playfulness and daring improvisation. FES is an idiosyncratic Belgian band known far beyond its home borders; an intelligent, effortlessly eccentric orchestra that sheds its skin, and scales new heights, time and time again—especially live. Unmissable!

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