Flat Earth Society Orchestra

  • NTGent

With diverse 20th-century jazz traditions as their starting point, the fifteen-strong band Flat Earth Society Orchestra moves between different styles and genres from musical theatre to rock. The written page is only the start, and there’s always room for a contemporary sauce of playfulness and daring improvisation. FES is an idiosyncratic Belgian band known far beyond its home borders; an intelligent, effortlessly eccentric orchestra that sheds its skin, and scales new heights, time and time again—especially live. Unmissable!

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Les Percussions de Strasbourg

  • MIRY Concert Hall

The percussionists of Les Percussions de Strasbourg are one of the most successful ensembles in French musical history. They are internationally renowned for the unrivalled quality of their concerts and their ability to continuously innovate. They always think outside the box and demonstrate this by putting together unique concert programmes. To date, they have played more than 1700 concerts in 70 countries and have been showered with awards including a Diapason d'Or and a Victoire de la musique classique. With their programme Invariants, the world of Bach stands eye-to-eye with engaging compositions from Takemitsu and Levinas, all performed on their marimbas.

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Mara Aranda

  • St James' Church

Impressive Sephardic music from the Iberian Peninsula! Together with her ensemble, multi-instrumentalist, singer and sound magician Mara Aranda brings the project ‘Diaspora’ to the stage. In her inimitable manner, she sings about the lives of historic figures who roamed an ancient Mediterranean world; from Valencia and the kingdom of Aragon to the new world in America. Let yourself be seduced by this authentic music and the stories that capture people’s imagination to this day.

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