Practical OdeGand En Route!

OdeGand En Route!

  • 14:00 - 18:15 : choose your favorite OdeGand route with three concerts in the city center of Ghent! All routes include a performance at 14:00, 15:45 and 17:30.
  • When booking your ticket, you choose which route you will follow during OdeGand. Discover the different routes you can choose from here.
  • The Anemone, Ochre and Sky routes include a boat ride. When you start with the boat ride - before the first concert, that is - your boat leaves at 13:15! All other routes always start at 14:00.
  • All concerts last 45 minutes.
  • Within your chosen route, you decide with which concert you want to start. When you book your route, indicate the concert you want to start with. On this basis you will discover in which order the other two concerts on your OdeGand path are located.
  • The concert locations are all within biking and walking distance of each other. Public transportation can also easily take you from one location to another.

Getting your OdeGand access pass

  • Once you have obtained one or more tickets, you need to exchange them for an OdeGand access pass!

  • You can pick up your access pass(es) from Saturday, September 9 until Friday, September 15 at our festival point on Sint-Baafsplein between 12:30 and 18:00.

  • On Saturday, September 16, you can only pick up your access pass(es) at your starting location.

  • Missed your first concert? Pick up your OdeGand access pass(es) at the venue of your second or third concert.

Course of the day

  • Doors open 45 minutes before the performance.

  • If you have not yet exchanged your ticket, your ticket will be exchanged at the first concert for an access pass with lanyard that will serve as an access control for the following concerts. Please arrive at the start of the first activity (boat or concert) at least half an hour in advance to ensure a smooth ticket check.

  • Should you be unable to attend the first performance, you may join the next performance on the pre-purchased itinerary. Purchased itineraries cannot be exchanged, and missed performances cannot be made up or refunded.

  • All seats are unnumbered.

  • Boat in your itinerary? Then you can embark at the departure time mentioned in the practical email you received in your mailbox.

  • No boat? Then it is not possible to schedule a boat trip in your itinerary.