Kiya Tabassian & Hamin Honari

  • St James' Church

Sitar virtuoso Kiya Tabassian, together with Hamin Honari, the great Iranian-Canadian tombak player, brings forth a poetic sounding universe inspired by the thousand-year-old Persian music culture. Fleeting, authentic Eastern sounds are a personification of ‘a life en-route’. Tabassian grew up beneath the Iranian son, where he became one with the sitar and the country’s soul. In the 90s he emigrated to Canada and from there built up an impressive career. Just like in music, life ‘en-route’ is one of the most important themes for Tabassian. With more than 25 albums, 1,000 concerts in more than 260 cities and 50 countries, this rising star embraces the world around him. 

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